Life in Byron Bay…

…Is amazing!!

Only had 2 days here – yesterday me and Viks tried out surfing. I was fully expecting not to be able to do it, but actually managed to stand up on the board first time (I’ve been told by locals that this is because of my dancing background!) did get a whole load of sea water in my mouth, eyes, up my nose which was gross (I can stand up, ride a wave almost to shore – but getting off the board was less than graceful, and struggled to get out to the waves afterwards!!)

Today, I tried out ocean kayaking….will not be doing that again. The aim was to see dolphins and maybe a few turtles – all that happened was dehydration and seasickness!! And what sucks is that I didn’t even get to see a single dolphin But glad that I gave that a go. I then got a bike and cycled up to Cape Byron to the Palm Valley reserve and took some photos of the beach where I went surfing and kayaking.

I spent the remainder of my time in Byron Bay wandering the shops – got presents for a few folks and some poi for me! (looking forward to poi-ing this summer in Scotland!!!)

One striking thing about Byron Bay though is the new age spirituality, drugs and stuff. I spent a long time chatting to a guy who was a Hare Krishna (according to him my eyes told him that I had a very strong spirtual presence) and various other people. On the street we were staying there was about 3 places you could get your palm read or tarot cards, a masonic centre and many medical centres offer crystal healing, tarot, ayurveda, reiki as standard treatment for illness and disease the same as you would get a referral to a hospital consultant or a prescription for antibiotics in the UK. Byron Bay is full of people searching for peace and answers I guess?

Anyway, I loved Byron Bay (my ‘hippy’ roots I guess!!) but found it very challenging place at the same time. I’m also very very sore as my rucksack is now much heavier and my body feels like one giant bruise from surfing/ocean kayaking.

Cape Byron – from top of Palm Valley Reserve

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