Well, our welcome to Brisbane was not the best. We arrived to a dead bus station, and our taxi didn’t turn up. As our youth hostel office shuts at 7 p.m., we frantically tried to phone them – but they didn’t answer. 1 hour later, still no taxi and we started phoning round youth hostels to find they were all full.

We eventually got a taxi, but then couldn’t get into the youth hostel, when we did they had no keys, then the room they had gave us only had 2 beds free. The toilet was minging and the door didn’t lock! All in all, it was generally a big disaster – not helped by the fact the 3 of us were exhausted!!

Needless to say, we didn’t sleep well and checked out the hostel this morning. I had to say goodbye to Kate and Viks this morning as they are heading on a bus to Noosa this afternoon. I’m staying in Brisbane for one more night before I fly up to Cairns tomorrow.

I’m now in Australia all alone!! Quite nervous about that, but also excited – or I would be if I wasn’t so sleepy! I’m now waiting to check into my room at a youth hostel in Central Brisbane and then this afternoon I’m going on the search for some koalas. However, today is Anzac Day (Public Holiday in Oz) so could have some problems getting around today.

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