Crazy Pete’s got wisdom

“Things will happen in life that you can’t stop, but that’s no reason to shut out the world. There’s a purpose for the good, and for the bad.”

Crazy Pete in Now and Then

It’s a quote imprinted in my memory along with many others from the same film. Now and Then was the ‘coming of age’ film among girls my age. We watched it at many sleepovers, all of us have copies on DVD and those of us who have younger sisters made them watch it as soon as they turned 12.

But tonight, trying to come up with inspiration for tomorrow’s Sunday Scribbling, I put it on in the background. But I stopped typing when that scene came on because I don’t think I truly appreciated the wisdom of those words before now.

As the character of Samantha narrates:

“He gave me the only gift he could, the lesson it had taken him a lifetime to learn. And although I understood the importance of his words; it’s only now looking back that I understand their meaning.”

Crazy Pete is right. There is so much in life that I can’t stop. I can’t control. And hey, I’m not the only one who can’t control this weird existence. When bad things happen, it’s tough to see what purpose they could possibly have

In this economic climate, it’s difficult to see what is good. But is it, tough and horrible though it is for many people, perhaps got its purpose? Does it show us what is actually important? 

I’ll admit that I’ve gone through an awful lot of crap in my relatively short life so far. I list it all in my head and wonder if I imagined half of it, because if someone came to me with my story as their own, I’d be like ‘that can’t ALL happen to just one person‘. For sure, sometimes I think ‘why me? why did I have to get this raw deal?’. Oh how I’d love to say that I’m an amazing selfless contented person. I’d be lying though.

But it’s all relative. There are soooo many people who’ve gone through far worse and still are. There’s pain that I can’t even imagine or understand.

For a long time I tried to shut out the world.

It may work as a survival technique. But it ain’t living.

We can be so afraid of the bad things in life that we miss out on the good.

I don’t want to survive. I want to live. Let’s find that purpose…by living.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Pete’s got wisdom

  1. I replied to your tech help request at OCC :-)

    Sounds like you are close to being ‘on the right track’ with this :-)

    Can i make a suggestion though?

    I have read and researched a ‘little’ in my life on the subject of how our brains function.

    The thing they are not very good at is negatives – our brain needs positive targets to ‘aim for’ and work on/at.

    If it does not get these it will aim and fire at what IT thinks we ‘want’ not what our consciousness thinks we want.

    And ‘Want’ is one of the problems. The other is ‘Not’

    If we say we do not want something – a negative – this can confuse our brain because it is not being told positively what it IS we want – only what we don’t.

    If i say i don’t want a pink elephant: it’s very specific but what then does the brain try to do for us – ok ignore pink elephants but what do i look for in their place? – no answer – the brain will make one up.

    Our brains often ignore the ‘not’ in what we tell it we want.

    So: ‘i do not want to lose this’ can become: ‘i do ___ want to lose this!’ :-(

    Similarly the word ‘want’ can mean – i do not HAVE! So saying we want something reinforces the fact we don’t have it and this can make it harder to achieve.

    So, for example, if you said above – i DO live (a rewarding life or a life of Joy) it would be easier for our brain to move to that place and bring us along with it than if we say i WANT to live (implying that: but i do not currently)

    The words ‘Not’ and ‘Want’ should be far less in our vocabulary than they currently are if we are ever to live the way we prefer, and He prefers for us. :-)


  2. Great post bk! I’ve done my fair share of trying to shut the world out. But living in it definitely brings great sorrow and even greater joy.

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