Abduction & Anxieties relating to the ‘P’ word

I’ve abducted my Mum’s laptop as have had to take residence on the sofa so I’m downstairs.

I really don’t like being off work. Or being stuck in the house against my will (why is that when you have choice to do something it’s fine, but if that same thing is forced upon you it feels unbearable?) Spirits are low, but I do know things will be better in a few days. I’m hoping that this will be the last time I feel like this for a very long time.

On Monday Love out Loud fortnight begins. I’m hoping as the good ol’ painkillers kick in and take effect I’ll be able to get  a list of random acts of kindness for each day right up until April 13th at least! These will be posted on Art of Joy Twitter feed each day. I will be using some of the great ideas some of you have given me. Thank you!!

I have had one discovery of encouragement that will sound strange though, apparently I’m less likely to need pain medication in childbirth because I’m so used to the pain. I’m all for using pain relief in childbirth, only if I ever was in a giving birth situation I confess that I’m terrified about being given…

1. Entonox (gas and air) because it can make you throw up

2. Morphine because it can make you throw up

3. A caeserian section, because afterwards they give you morphine and yes, you might throw up.

Is it any wonder people are FOREVER telling me I should get prayer for this ridiculous phobia I have? Lol. We were actually asked to voice out some of our fears about going to South Africa on Saturday afternoon. Some people sounded very spiritual about the whole thing, and then there were others like me who have fears like missing their connecting flights and so on. I confessed to the 270 people there that my biggest fear is that someone will throw up on the plane. I did get a very strange look from Mike P. until I explained that people puking freaks me out and if it happens when you’re flying in a plane, well, I can’t get off the plane can I?!

Yes, everyone did laugh at me as he said ‘well, no, I wouldn’t advise trying to get off the plane if that happens’. Thankfully I do see the funny side to it too.

So while most other people are afraid about not being transformed by God, or disobeying God or feeling numb when they see things that would break God and other people’s hearts….I’m afraid someone will puke on the plane. I’m not even afraid about the plane crashing! In my bizarre-o mind I know I’d rather die in a puke free plane crash than be sitting near someone who has to use a sick bag.

And I mean that in all seriousness, even though I know how ridiculous that probably sounds to you.

2 thoughts on “Abduction & Anxieties relating to the ‘P’ word

  1. throwing up is one of my biggest fears – i’m terrified of it! as a result, i’m constantly washing my hands & using hand sanitizer – don’t want to catch anything like the stomach flu. i thought it was just me!

    - michelle

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