Edinburgh’s Christmas 2009

And all because I know lots of my blog readers like to see pics of Edinburgh at Christmas & Hogmanay…and I like a good excuse to hang out with my friends and have fun taking pictures with my camera…

Last night I met up with (newly engaged!!!) friends Jenni & Gaz to sample the delights of the Edinburgh Christmas Markets…it was a clear night, and you could see the Christmas Tree on the Mound (thank you Norway!!) and Edinburgh Castle…

At the German Christmas Market we were able to sample some yummy crepes and mulled wine…

Yummy Banana & Nutella crepe (more french than German, but am I complaining? but oh how it made me yearn for Kilau).

We were informed that ‘Tippers make better lovers. Fact‘. Who knew, huh?

Jenni and Gaz were able to sample the mulled wine. I can’t drink wine. I know, huh? However, I only found out last year that mulled wine actually contains wine. I began drinking a cup of it and started to feel really ill which led me to pose the question ‘does this have wine in it?‘ To which someone looked at me as if I was the stupidest person in the entire world. ‘uhhhh….yes. It’s mulled wine.’ Yes, I know, another malteser moment…whatever. But is there mince in a mince pie? No!

Excuse the red noses! What can we say, it was FREEZING outside!!! :)

But then we saw a concerning sight. I turned to Jenni as I saw this ‘carnival booth’ and said ‘Um, is it just me, but does it look like Santa has hung himself?8O

Jenni’s reply: ‘maybe the credit crunch got too much for him


I’m going to miss out the Highland Christmas market pics for now until I get copies of Jenni’s ones. Let’s just say there was some hat trying on and we looked kinda hilarious.

But for the finale, we took Jenni to see the Christmas tree in Jenners, which she had never seen before. (Jenners is the Harrods or Macy’s of Edinburgh if you like)

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2 thoughts on “Edinburgh’s Christmas 2009

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, but your mention of Kilau pushed me to finally make a comment. I loved Kilau when I spent some time in Aberdeen a couple of years ago. In fact, I enjoyed a bananas Nutella crepe from there. Delish!

  2. You think the bananas and nutella crepe isn’t very German – let me tell you there is Nutella everywhere here at the Christmas Markets!

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