On Monday night after digging my little Corsa out of the snow (her windscreen wipers were actually frozen to the windscreen in a block of ice underneath several inches of powdery snow) I got around to updating my iPod.

All of this in the name of preparing for starting a new year at work. It’s bizarre to think in 2 months time, it will be 1 year since Sarah and I took over coordinating the pregnancy crisis centre. We are still finding our feet really. And it’s weird not to be able to call Joanna in Basingstoke anymore. She was such a great resource of wisdom and advice as the ‘unknown’ cropped up.

Thinking about the next few months in terms of work is just overwhelming. Part of me is so excited, the other part of me wants to run and hide under my duvet in fear!

I don’t have a clue how I’m going to do this.

Let alone do it well.

And I really want to do it well.

For our volunteers, for our clients, to be a positive reflection of the God I am an ambassador for.

This year, I have even more responsibility resting on my shoulders, more opportunities to share about the work we do being given to me. It seems like the time has come to step up to the plate.

One of the things I’m enjoying at the moment though is preparing the pregnancy crisis support course. The new course (which came after me & Sarah had been trained) is different, and its creation & renewal has been overseen by the person who trained me to be a trainer. A person I deeply respect and truly has a gift in training and helping people to learn rather than just ‘teach’ them.

Something that has been added, is that each session has 10 minutes scheduled into it for focus and reflection. A time to absorb. I over the course of months have been keeping my eyes out for stories, ideas, video clips, songs to use in these ’10 minutes’ as suggested.

Some of them are already on my iPod, and I listened to them as I was preparing a couple of LFS Introducing posts to go on the blog.

It reminded me of all God has done, all He is doing, and to keep my eyes open for all that He is going to do in the future.

Please pray for the course, that everything would come together. With the crazy weather the Head Office was shut as no one could get into work. So our manuals may not arrive in time. We also still have several interviews to do, and some practical logistics to smooth over (like getting our equipment to and from the training venue every week…). Sarah and I seem to have really crappy immune systems too and we’re going into schools starting Monday – therefore increasing the potential for us to get ill.

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