This is your life

I’m utterly amazed at the moment and all God is doing with my life just now.

I’m loving being a trainer. I was so nervous about it, but bizarrely I’ve found that since Day 1 the nerves have gone. I’ve just gone with the flow, and it’s been great. We have such a lovely bunch of trainees and I’m learning so much from them! I try to make cakes for every Saturday session we do, I really enjoy doing it and now others have started too. We’re all going to have to go on sugar detox diets when we finish up in May!!

I’m also enjoying discovering my new role as a Partner for the national charity. It is a privilege and honour and I’m excited at what the future is going to bring with this role. I’ve been given 3 specialist areas: regional networking, youth & centres advisor. I still need to clarify certain parts of my job description with the team at HQ but it’s fun to have a role that is everything that I enjoy doing. I feel alive again.

My challenge now is to find funding to do it.

I’m excited in how God seems to be raising up people with a passion and similar vision to me! Hurrah! It’s wonderful to have a bit of affirmation that yes, this is a vision God has given me. Yippee!!! There are people who have been involved with Positive Parenting (fantastic resources for parenting support groups), people who would love to see a café and space for things like beauty therapies, antenatal classes, baby massage and more that would become a hub for parents. And somehow those people found the charity I work for, and discovered a shared desire.

There is a great deal to be thankful for. And I am.

For sure there are still frustrations in my life…

…the desire to see reconciliation, or dare I say even a simple text message from a certain relative.

…grr to being so tired all the time, looking like crap and my disappearing memory.

…finances…ugh. I hate how I’m so caught up with money. I know God provides. But sometimes it is tough. I wish that I had the money to get a webcam so I can chat to fellow women in leadership for advice. I wish I had the money just to get the train tickets to my next meeting in Basingstoke. I wish I wasn’t worrying about Cassie’s MOT, wondering if I’ll be able to afford any repairs plus the road tax. I wish I had a flat in a city I actually live in so I could have people round for dinner or visiting from other places. I wish that I could replace my winter boots so that I didn’t get wet feet when I walk through snow because they leak. I wish I wasn’t wishing for these kind of things. And I wish that I didn’t see all that people around me seem to have with rose tinted glasses.

Then again, there are much, much worse challenges to be facing so…really…I’m pretty lucky. And I know it. :)

2 thoughts on “This is your life

  1. Hey! I’m so excited for you that work is going so well and that you feel alive. That’s no small thing for the fatigued among us! (Even if it is only psychologically alive for now!)

    My old roommate in Vancouver works for campus ministry and has to raise her salary each year. I’ll put you two in touch and maybe she can give you some ideas and tips from her last few years of fundraising.

    I wish I was in the UK and had a real job! I’d love to support you! Will be praying that God will provide for each and every need, from the seemingly trivial to the huge and overwhelming.

  2. I love that everything seems to be going so well for you :) I am sure Santa can provide a web cam for Christmas this year or even your birthday this month! :)

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