FOS Friday: Scottish Money

Yep, we have ‘different’ money in Scotland. When the Payne family were visiting, we got money out of a Bank of Scotland cash machine (ATM for my American friends!) and JT was memorised by the utter coolness of the money.

South of the border, they just get plain old Bank of England money, but here in Scotland you might get a Clydesdale Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland or Bank of Scotland note!

Usually the £5 notes I get back in shops are Bank of England ones, but the other day I received a pretty Bank of Scotland one. JT wanted to know ‘who the guy with the big nose’ was, so for your information…it’s Sir Walter Scott. He has a monument in the centre of Edinburgh that features in one of my favourite ‘ignorant tourist visiting Edinburgh’ stories!

The only problem with these notes is that folks in England tend to look at you as if you’re trying to pay them with Monopoly money. Sigh.

Michael McIntyre does a really funny sketch about it, which my friend Laura (who was in my team at SITC Durban last year) likes to joke about. We both used to randomly break out into Michael McIntyre impressions and anecdotes. What can I say? She did suggest that I should bring tons of Scottish Money to one of the Soul Survivor conferences and use it in the bookshop so she could hide behind a table full of bibles, jump out and proclaim to the salesperson ‘Excuse me pal! That’s legal tender!‘ if said salesperson didn’t let me pay with the Scottish notes.

You can see him do it here if you like – but I should warn you that he can use strong language, and before the Scottish money one there’s a John Smeaton/Glasgow Airport joke and it may offend some people (which is why I haven’t popped the video up on my blog).

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3 thoughts on “FOS Friday: Scottish Money

  1. You see I never knew that! So if I came to Scotland I would have to do currency exchange?!….or do you accept the pound as well?

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