BK’s UK tour – Day 1: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

And so I’m now in County Durham, in a wee town called Bishop Auckland, having completed Day 1 of BK’s UK In-Real-Life tour…

We had some major fails this morning. Firstly a BK-fail, as I was lying in bed, asleep dreaming I was getting up, doing the dishes, packing the car….and then I woke up to discover it was almost 10 a.m. (the time I had planned to depart). I got everything done, and at 11 a.m. set off, parked round the corner where TomTom does believe things exist, to discover that TomTom recognised the place @flinderella had told me to meet her, but had ‘route not found’.

Panicked texts as I drove through East Lothian looking for a cash machine, and a second place seemed to have a route that COULD be found… and I headed for the border…

A few hours later I arrived in Newcastle to meet Miss Flinderella for the first time.

The weather was perfect as we sat on a balcony at a lovely wee pub-restaurant in the sunshine eating our veggie lasagnes, and then wandered down to the Quayside to walk the Millennium Bridge, check out the Baltic gallery and then wander the shops where I did get to spend a Scottish banknote when buying a drink and apparently it got funny looks (I didn’t pay attention).

A chilled afternoon, with laughs and chatting and talk of a trip to Edinburgh (yay!). The only gutting thing was just as I was getting ready to leave, I discovered that Linus was doing a gig in Newcastle tonight…but I still had an hour to drive south to my room for the night.

Now I’m a very sleepy koala (we do like to sleep) and I’m watching the football (yay for Spain!) and soon I’ll be going to bed…ready for Day 2 as I head South East to Norfolk…

*Sorry, I do have more photos…but apparently this is one of the world’s slowest wifi connections so they are taking FOREVER to upload*

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