The last 7 days in pictures

If you are in Scotland or North East England, you have no interest in this post. You’ve experienced it yourself, and maybe more if you live in West Lothian where they got 3 feet of snow.

After 3 days of snow & a teeny bit of thaw…this is the view outside our front door this time last week!

The beginnings of the gutter icicles – they grew & grew but the plumber took down the gutter before I got a chance to snap the final icicle product…

These guys are usually under the Christmas tree, but this year they’ve got a place on the windowsill.

My blog-famous Christmas tree – it’s 6th year. I only got 3 new hats from the Big Knit campaign this year.

A while ago someone on twitter advised me what advice I’d give to my 16 year old self. My reply was ‘GET A PHYSIO!’ – I hurt my back when I was 15 but with my last chance for student membership exams (Modern, Tap & Ballet), I kept silent & continued on for several months anyway. All was fine until after the summer when I went back into training & my back had healed squint.

The old injury flared up when I did the dance workshop at our Summer Holiday Club & again when I was ill 2 weeks ago. A trip back up through the snow/ice from Tesco made me best friends with this heat pack thing of my Mum’s as I almost fell a few times carrying a heavy bag of groceries. Oops.

Hopefully Santa is going to bring me my own one, and bring my Mum her own pair of wellies.

On Friday I was getting worried for my Mum as the snow was turning icy & my wellies have no grip. So I bravely ventured into town despite the back issue. I managed to snap a few photos of Edinburgh Castle in the snow. Prettyful!

The snow began to thaw at the weekend, we rejoiced as we managed to excavate Cassie the Corsa from the snow…and then we woke up to total chaos on Monday morning! Usually you’d be able to see all of South West Edinburgh & the Pentlands in this photo…but the snow came down thick & fast for 6 hours straight over the thawing old snow turned to ice.

View from the bus on North Bridge … 15-20 minutes before Lothian buses decided to suspend all their services…!

Doug came to visit the centre after leaving work early when the buses got stopped. We ate bagels and we decorated the centre in between trying to pay all our bills that came in last week & came up with a contingency plan for how things would go if the sucky weather continues… (this involved a lot of phone calls & e-mails!)

After getting stranded for several hours (thankfully Doug & I were able to walk back to his – but it hurt!!) and catching the last bus before they stopped the route going to where I live, I woke up this morning to find the bus I would have gotten to Interact wasn’t running in our area. However with blue skies & sunshine, the view a few hours later from my bathroom window was pretty rockin’.

I did bravely venture down to the bank later in the afternoon – I needed to put my wage cheque for November in the bank! Plus, I went over to PC World and just bought a power adaptor since my laptop is now a necessity with the centre being shut – I’m unlikely to get to the Apple Store in Glasgow anytime soon. While there the staff had no clue which adaptor was the right one, but did think I needed to see a doctor because apparently I looked like I was in pain (thanks for that dude!). I thankfully guessed correctly…phew!

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