Surviving Christmas

**Video from Central Christian Church, Las Vegas**

The last few years has made Christmas a really unfun time. One of my previous flatmates actually dreaded going to Christmas services because everyone was so cheery and excited about it, and she would be dreading it.

The last 2 years I’ve really begun to understand where she’s been coming from.

Don’t get me wrong – Christmas Eve is always lovely, with the tradition that began in Christmas 2002 (?) where my Mum started coming with me to Davidson’s Mains Parish Church for their Midnight Service. A year or two later, one of my good friends from high school’s family started coming along, and over the years others have chosen to go to that particular service too, making for a lovely reunion over a short service of traditional carols by candlelight and some shortbread and hot spiced apple juice after.

The day itself is another matter.

For one thing, we don’t live in Leith no more – so I feel very cut off. In the past friends and I used to go to the pub or to each others houses. Usually by about 6/7 p.m. on Christmas Day someone who had quite enough family time for one day would show up at our house!

I would much rather be having a laugh with lots of people than anything else over the Christmas/New Year period. I have great memories of pulling crackers, games of Trivial Pursuit, Hide and Seek and Karaoke or my Auntie playing golf in the hallway of our old flat after Christmas dinner. And my Nana insisting that the Queen’s speech be put on – and the entire family finding numerous other important things to do during said speech!

Though we don’t have the busy family Christmas with a house full of people that we used to, remembering particularly Boxing Day/Hogmanay drama on the other side of the Firth, I love the idea of the ‘Family Survival Kit’. And we may need one this year in our house because I’ve seen the TV schedule for Christmas Day and it doesn’t look good…!

My only question is: When will they be available in the UK?


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