NZ Quake

On Saturday lunchtime (when I was training some volunteers with my national partner in pregnancy crisis crime, Elizabeth!) we got on the subject of labour. A trainee shared how her friend was delivering a baby in a birthing pool when the last earthquake hit  in Christchurch, New Zealand last year.

Last night I could not sleep. I was having dreams of a woman going into labour, and I woke up feeling very strongly that it wasn’t insomnia, but God waking me up to pray. I thought maybe it was because my friend Caroline had gone into labour in South Africa! But when I eventually grabbed my laptop, I discovered a second earthquake had hit Christchurch.

This time with fatalities.

I have a few friends in NZ, my friend’s family have very close friends in Christchurch, and a few other friends have family living in Christchurch or travelling around that area currently.

I also realised that a recent commenter on this blog, Holly, is from Christchurch.

The known death toll is rising, hundreds are still missing, it’s been raining most of the night there, and I know more help is headed out to help with the rescue teams, Red Cross and all that stuff.

Like we did for Queensland, and for Haiti, can we pray for the folks affected by this in Christchurch?

Plus, pray for the folks in Libya. Being Scottish, I find it difficult to think of Libya positively – one of my earliest memories is watching news scenes of the Lockerbie bombing. But with the threat of civil war, and 100s being killed…something needs to change for better. And soon.

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