Things I’ve learned since turning 23 again

1. I should never skip out on sleep. I might not be awake or alert enough to realise that I’m standing on a step not a footpath, fall and sprain my ankle.

2. I should open my presents BEFORE I go on a trip to London in case I have a voucher for one of my favourite shops wrapped up somewhere in disguise as a birthday gift.

3. Then again, I do love having vouchers for my favourite shops as an excellent excuse to buy something I see on the off chance when I’m not searching for something in particular.

4. There’s no question that I am a city blossom. Nothing gives me more pleasure than strolling through a bustling city in the sunshine.

5. When you sprain your ankle and you have to ignore the nurse’s advice to ‘rest’ it for 2 days, frozen peas and sandwich bags are your new best friends!

6. Every city should have a Twinings shop that sells African honeybush, mandarin & orange tea.

7. A good way to put on weight is to sprain your ankle, then have a birthday where all your friends and relatives  buy you a LOT of chocolate.

8. Friends are the loveliest gifts in the world. Especially friends who stay in it for the long haul.

9. Spontaneous socialising is the best. There’s nothing quite like nipping round to your local Vintage shop cafe, then being shouted from across the street and ending up making new friends chatting and laughing in your local pub for a couple of hours!

10. When you are about to get on a train for 5 hours, check that the air conditioning in the train is working.

11. A Lothian Buses Ridacard does not work as an Oyster card on the London Underground.

12. Always buy your train tickets from a person rather than a machine. That way you won’t get ripped off paying almost double the price you should have.

13. You should always check where the train is going before you dive on to it.

14. Trying to navigate the London Underground at rush hour with an injured ankle is not a wise idea.

15. Train toilets are disgusting, and you must hold your nose while you are peeing so you don’t throw up due to the stinky compartment you are locked in. YUK!

16. Ask your friend how to use their shower before attempting it through ‘investigation’. That way your less likely to get a sudden surge of cold water sprayed in your face.

17. It is dangerous for your bank balance to spend too much time in Hamley’s. So many cool toys & gadgets!!

18. At the end of a very long hot sticky day, and you have a very bruised and swollen ankle, a cup of African Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange tea while you ice your ankle with frozen peas is EXCELLENT therapy. Especially when it is joined with the opening of cards & presents that have been awaiting since your birthday a few days before! :)

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