This malteser moment involves keys

Yes. Last week was in a word: stressful.

So on Friday when I rushed into work (as much as somebody can rush when relying on public transport…) to print off the updated documents for the conference before I had to head out to Edinburgh Airport to meet our lovely guest speaker and his equally lovely wife!

One of our volunteers was moving away from Edinburgh this week. She’d been the lead signatory for CRBS checks before me, and so she had left me the keys for the all important cabinet bolted to the floor. I put the keys in a safe place, as knew they couldn’t be left in the office for confidentiality and legal reasons before rushing back out the office in a little bit of a frenzy.

And so today when I went to find the very important keys, imagine my horror when I searched in the little pocket of my bag I could have SWORN I’d put them in and discovered they were no longer there! 8O

A crazed search began, and figured they must have fallen out my bag at home. I hoped.

Then we later realised it was 30 mins past closing time. Time for home. I checked the bus website to find out my bus would leave in 9 mins time. I rushed to get my stuff together. But then I realised my keys were not in my bag (different keys…these are the big bunch with my car key, numerous house keys and office keys). They weren’t on the office desk, the coffeetable or any of the usual places I discover I’ve laid down my keys as I’ve walked into the office and had to immediately get to some task.

Where did I find them eventually?

The fridge.

Yes. I’d gone out to get my bus pass renewed and got a little wet in the downpour so bought an umbrella and a couple more packets of throat soothers on the way back. I’d put my keys in the shopping bag, bought milk, mozzarella, spinach and fresh pasta in Tesco, put my Boots shopping bag (containing said keys) in the Tesco bag. I’m efficient like that.

Then I’d put the Tesco bag straight in the fridge when I got back to the office forgetting the Boots bag was inside it.


My keys were pretty chilly when I retrieved them.

Anyway. All’s well that ends well.

The very important keys turned out to be in my jacket pocket – I’d obviously put them in there to keep them safe in case they fell out my bag (ha!) and they are now safe. In a place I won’t disclose to you.

Hopefully no one at my work ever reads this post.

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One thought on “This malteser moment involves keys

  1. Someone I know had similar problems with their keys just this morning..

    I was amused then too. :-)

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