Brunette Koala’s Question Time: Emetophobia

Sad to say, you’re stuck with lil ole me again writing on this blog. I realise that people who stumble upon this wee part of cyberspace do so on a search to find out information on emetophobia.

And all because I confessed I freaked out while holding a fork that had coleslaw on it.

However, I can’t fail to notice that more than 2 years on, people are leaving comments on that post relieved that they are not the only ones freaked out by that particularly bodily function.

I potentially waved my emetophobe colours a little early at my first visit to a new smallgroup the other week, when someone confessed they sometimes do that on planes and my response was ‘What?! Do you take travel sickness tablets then?‘ and when they replied ‘No‘, I reacted by loudly proclaiming something along the lines of ‘WHHHY? Argh! Seriously, people who get sick and don’t take tablets should be banned from planes!!!!!

(And I really do think so. I also believe that planes should not fly in terrible weather for the same reason).

I wonder then, if you have questions you’d like answered on the topic of emetophobia.

And I’ll do my best to answer them!


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