Hurricane Bawbag

Well, it’s been an exciting day. Yesterday our country got given a ‘Red Alert’ weather warning as a storm was headed our way. Some of you live in lands where tornados, hurricanes and cyclones are fairly common. Scotland is not one of those places.

All in all, I think we’ve done pretty well. Our country erred on the side of caution and a lot of local authorities decided to close schools or let kids go home early before the storm was due to hit so it would be less dangerous for them getting home from school. When you’ve got gusts of wind reaching 84 mph, that’s a good idea.

Especially hearing of a wall collapsing on an industrial estate, a roof coming off at a cinema, roofs of garages flying off, youtube videos of trampolines rolling down the street, Christmas lights collapsing onto pavements and roads….

In true Scottish humour, the stormy weather was nicknamed ‘Hurricane Bawbag’ (Bawbag is a Scots word for ‘ball-bag’ you can look it up in a medical dictionary and you’ll get the gist!) and became a number 1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Even t-shirts and hoodies were made in its honour, and pictures like the one above went viral on facebook and twitter.

If you’re wondering ‘why the flying panda?‘ – that’s a wee shout out to our newest Edinburgh residents, Sunshine (Yang Guang) & Sweetie (Tian Tian) who arrived from China at the weekend.

I’ve spent the day at home – I’ve got 3 weeks of annual leave to take before the end of the month anyway, cosied up in my new winter pyjamas. Except when I was running around my garden with my Mum rescuing flowerpots so they wouldn’t go flying around. We almost went flying ourselves in the process. :)

I expect tomorrow will be less exciting.

And I’ll also have little excuse to get down to the Post Office to buy stamps to send some Christmas cards!

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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Bawbag

  1. Nothing of mine was destroyed but my Aunties shed was blown to peices and I’m off school today ‘cuz the roof was destroyed.
    I hope everyone is alright and everythin’ is repaired soon.
    -Brenna :)

  2. Haha, that was a good day. Out west we were serving tea and coffee in Foam cups and hosting a Carol Service. Safe to say the cups went everywhere… but people still came to the Carol Service!

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