Lent Sunday Causes – Compassion International

Last weekend my lent sunday chosen charity was Compassion International. Apologies for the lateness of this post – but I’ve been without the internet for the last 5 days!

The story of how I began supporting Compassion is here. But let me tell you the little story of how I came to sponsor this wee guy:

This is Kinen. He lives in Indonesia, and is one of 6 children (the same as Henok). Apparently he loves cycling and singing. Maybe he can teach me to ‘love’ cycling (because I already love singing, and have a love/hate relationship with my bike). Kinen will be 9 in a few months, and I suspect this photo is not totally recent. I could be wrong.

On a table full of photos of children clearly being told to stand up straight, look serious this little guy jumped out at me. My first reaction on seeing his cheeky grin was one of giggles. He reminds me a LOT of Elastatoddler. He also reminds me of my friend who died at Christmas time.

We flicked through all the photos the had on the stall, and there was another little boy with a cheeky grin too – I noted that the two of them would probably be trouble if they were friends, and then noted that the other little boy was also from Indonesia – so maybe they are. Hee hee.

Anyway. I walked to and from the stall, eventually took the photo back to my stall for several hours. Eventually I realised that if nothing else, the fact that when the people from Compassion asked for the photo back I couldn’t do it, I needed to sponsor this wee guy! So I proclaimed to my colleague

“Right! that’s it! Decision made – I’m sponsoring him”

I filled out the form, and went over to the Compassion stall to had the photo & form back. They thought I was saying ‘no’.

“Turn it over, I’ve filled it in”

Elastatoddler’s Mum (my lovely friend Carrie!) was also at the conference. She’d actually taken ill that afternoon, and her Mum had left their stuff at our stall while she went on a search for Carrie. When Carrie came back (feeling better!) she said

“Look!” – pulling out a picture of a Compassion child she’d decided to sponsor that day.

“Look!” – I said, reaching for the picture of Kinen.

We laughed, and what was so funny was Carrie said to me

“I saw him, he’s got such a cheeky grin, and I almost sponsored him.”

She though had wanted to pick a younger child close to Elastatoddler’s age to sponsor, and so had asked to see children not on display, and found a little boy who is exactly a year older than Elastatoddler (they share the same birthday). I love though that although she hadn’t sponsored Kinen, I had come along after and ended up sponsoring him!

My Mum did sigh one of those heavy motherly sighs when I told her about sponsoring Kinen (‘Don’t you already sponsor a child?’). But I know it was the right thing to do. Plus, Henok, the child I’ve sponsored for the last 10 years will soon be 18 so I will no longer be sponsoring him after that. I hope that the education he has received over the last 10 years will have set him up well for adulthood, finding a job and all that stuff.

To find out more about sponsoring a child through Compassion, you can go to your country’s Compassion website. People in the following countries can sponsor a child through Compassion International:







New Zealand

South Korea





It just might be that you give a child more opportunities, and possibly save their life today...


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