Emetophobia and pregnancy

I’m really curious about emetophobic women who have children. How did you deal with pregnancy? The fear of possible morning sickness makes me never want to do it!


I’m not sure if this question was directed at only me or others as well, so if there are any of you fellow emetophobics out there who have been pregnant, please feel free to chip in.

Emetophobia made my early weeks of pregnancy pretty tough going and very stressful. I was blessed not to actually be sick (though I think that has more to do with my ‘continence’ in that particular area). The very sight of pasta made me wretch, and the only thing I remember being able to eat is Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter and banana ice cream. In evenings until about 1 or 2 a.m. I felt horrible, I would often cry and sometimes panicking because of how nauseous I felt.

I also had no idea about things that may have helped back then such as ginger, eating little and often (which to be honest I do anyway), acupuncture travel wristbands and so on.

With my medical history it is very unlikely that I’d become pregnant again. I’m not sure how I’d feel about pregnancy if I were in a place where that was a possibility. I know I’d be terrified for the pregnancy and for the labour – especially as I have a lot more knowledge (and more horror stories). I’d also be extremely nervous about how I’d cope with children when they were ill in that way.

I don’t know anyone personally with emetophobia who has gone through pregnancy, but I would be interested to know how they coped too!

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