Why I haven’t blogged since I got back from London

  • discovering a rat infestation in the church hall where we run our Guide Unit – I thought ‘that’s an interesting kind of flooring‘ when I opened the cupboard to pull out boxes of our equipment and resources. That ‘interesting’ flooring was 100s of rat droppings… (yes we called the person who looks after the hall. last week we had to let him know that we walked in to discovered the urn had flooded the kitchen. And no any smarty pants friends – it was not me who caused it!)
  • training day – I went to a great (but full-on) counselling training day on Saturday. It was fantastic, but still trying to process it all.
  • finding out I need to find a new tenant for my flat – any time someone moves out, it’s a struggle not to worry that I won’t find a responsible person to live there on time. I’ve also had some problems with the flat, and it’s tough to sort them from a distance.
  • trying to sort a date to get our centre redecorated – yes. I’m getting well acquainted by the assortment and weird names of paints. And carpets. And furniture.
  • our national conference – trying to get everything sorted, make sure everyone knows where they are going, how they are getting there and hoping to God that we have enough people to cover all the costs of running it all. I love organising it, but it also means difficult phone calls and frustrations! :)
  • All the usual stuff in life – like every day tasks in my job, friends, church, gym and laundry.

So to paint a picture, today I worked from home so I could save time from showering, applying make up and sitting on the bus in tramwork induced traffic jams that could be used doing all the stuff that needs done. Don’t worry – I will shower later…! Things are a little busier than is usual but so far staying at peace and just getting it all done.

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4 thoughts on “Why I haven’t blogged since I got back from London

  1. Yikes! I don’t blame you for not blogging – that sounds like A LOT of other stuff going on!
    I hope you find some reasonable people to live in your flat. If I, you know, lived in the right country, I’d move! :P
    Also, ARGH at the rats! :O

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