Back to (honey) blonde!

So yes, in 2006 – in the days where I decided to start wearing black eyeliner and in a fit of slightly SAD-induced rebellion, I went to the hairdresser cut my hair ‘short’ (and by short I mean just above my shoulders) and had them dye it chocolate brown. Friends walked past me in the street because with curly ‘short’ chocolate brown hair I was not so recognisable from the long blonde straight hair they were used to seeing on my head.

Well, for a couple of years I wanted to get a tattoo, and I also wanted to go back to having my dark honey blonde hair. I put it off because I didn’t really have the cash to do either. Last month I got my tattoo. This month the discovery of grey hairs in my hairbrush pushed me to get my hair dyed once again. Luckily, I’ve made a lovely friend here in Edinburgh who just became a hair stylist having trained at Rainbow Room International in Glasgow. She agreed to take on the challenge of colouring my long almost-untameable locks…

This is what I looked like when we arrived at my house (though I had at this point changed into an old t-shirt).

Colour mixed, foils cut and we’re ready to go…!

30 mins later and Ruth is going ‘Oh my word, you really do have LOADS of hair’.

Yes. Yes I do. You don’t realise it because it’s so fine, but you do realise if I leave it to dry naturally with no product in it. Or if you look at my bedroom floor and shower when I’ve washed and blow dryed it and see that despite the carpet of hair, there’s still plenty left all over my head.

Almost 2 hours later…and we have this. A head covered in dye and full of foils…

What occurred next I wish we have video footage of. I have a teeny showerroom, imagine me kneeling on the floor, my head in the shower. Ruth straddling over me pulling foils out and then rinsing out my hair. Then Ruth stumbling with dye covered hands to open a window as we start to get high on hair dye fumes.

End result:

A shower full of tin foil and soapy suds

A soggy Ruth.

A soaked (but blonder) Laura Anne.

Some detangling, drying and straightening later (plus some fixing of the fringe disaster created by my previous hairdresser…)

And this was the end result!

Thank you Ruth!

And if you would like your locks cut or treated by the lovely Ruth you can check out the Just Hair facebook page. The even better thing is that next year Ruth’s hairdressing business will be using her profits to help local, national and international non-profit organisations. You can also follow JustHairCo on Twitter.

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