Supermarket blonde moments

…because now I’m BlondeKoala and not BrunetteKoala so I can’t call them ‘malteser moments’ anymore…

Yesterday I was having a bit of an exhausted whinge after fighting to stay awake all day. Today has been slightly more chilled (yes, even with suicide alertness training) and so though I’m tired, I haven’t had to force myself to be awake as much. I came home and fell asleep after work.

As a result, I’ve discovered some silly mistakes I made yesterday. Turns out several things I bought during my supermarket shop I picked up the wrong products.

Please understand that with food allergies and emetophobia I’m one of those people who analyses every product she picks up. I check the date. I don’t pick the one at the front of the fridge section (because what if someone had put it back after it was out the fridge for a while?!). I check ingredients.

But I now know that I bought dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate biscuits.

And this morning I could not understand why my Apple & Mango juice tasted so pineappley. Turns out I bought the Tropical one. Not the Apple & Mango one. It took me until this evening to realise that. Thankfully I hadn’t written a complaint to Innocent Drinks about their weird tasting apple & mango juice.

I’ve also just realised that the reason my phone has been so quiet, is because it’s not in the house. I think I’ve left it in my car. With my camelbak full of water (which I forgot to take into work – I left it in the car when I got there).

Oh dear.


2 thoughts on “Supermarket blonde moments

  1. LOL at the different flavour of juice! That’s pretty funny, and yes, definitely a good thing you didn’t send in a complaint…even though it might have got you some freebies! :D

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