Look out China, here comes Team GB!

So. This weekend it’s the mens turn for the European Championships. Our women’s team faltered a bit in finals, but our men this week have been showing what they are made of. Our Junior British team won Gold on Thursday in the Junior’s team final. And yesterday our Senior team qualified in first place, our rock Daniel Purvis got 1st All-Around and every single man on the team qualified for a final.

That has never happened before in British Gymnastics.

And let’s just add to this that the team failed to qualify for team finals at Worlds back in October after a mistake ridden performance in the qualifying rounds. One of our star gymnasts isn’t competing at Euros. Oh. And Daniel Purvis had been up most of the night before with food poisoning, had 3 hours sleep, and then had to get up early to warm up and compete in the first of the days’ qualification rounds.

Britain were on Vault first, and he began the day by landing a vault on legs that felt like jelly and literally landed in a judge’s lap. Poor guy. And yet he rallied – despite being washed out from being ill, despite the sleep deprivation….to come 1st individually and lead his team to 1st place qualifying finish. According to teammate, Louis Smith he looked like Casper the friendly ghost in the warm up gym…

Daniel Purvis….you are a star!

Saturday (tomorrow) will bring the team finals, and Sunday will be the individual finals. Look out for the Pommel Horse showdown between Krisztian Berki (HUN) and Louis Smith (GBR). They have been fighting against each other for Gold since 2008 Olympics and they tied for 1st place in qualifiers. Berki is current world champion.

It’s going to be a great weekend of gymnastics!

Oh, and I finally heard back from the BBC who apologised for their delay in replying, though they did not apologise for their poor and inaccurate advertising of the Red Button schedule. They’ve said to me “we remain committed to other sports like gymnastics and will be showing every minute of it during this year’s Olympics.” I hope you realise I’ll be holding you to that BBC! Especially since I won’t be there in person (and yes London 2012 committee, I’m still upset about that).

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One thought on “Look out China, here comes Team GB!

  1. Just found your blog and loving your passion for gymnastics. Sorry to hear you had no luck with London Olympic tickets. There are still some tickets coming up from foreign NOCs if you know where to look.

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