Sunshine & flip flop burns

Ahh, you may have been wondering where I’ve been the last few days. The truth is that I’ve outside basking in the sun’s sweet rays. And when I’ve not been doing that I’ve been in our kitchen baking to destress!

Saturday morning I lazed about – the previous week had been STRESSFUL and pretty disheartening so I confess I’d sat in my pyjamas (read: t-shirt and shorts that I chose to wear instead of pyjamas to bed the night before) on our patio reading a book. I’d been out on Friday night watching the movie Soul Surfer at Casa Allen with Brisaac, Vicky and Miss Sweetroot. They made pizza and yummy salad. I made honey popcorn and brought round leftover results of my Thursday afternoon ┬ábad mood baking frenzy (banana chocolate chip cookies & some lemon-blueberry cakes). Miss Sweetroot is so inspired by Bethany and her story since she first saw the film at the cinema last year and earlier this year I lent Vicky the book which she & Brisaac read with Miss S. If you don’t know the story – Bethany who was an up and coming surfer sponsored by Rip Curl got attacked by a tiger shark on Hallowe’en during an early morning surf with her friend Alana. She lost her arm along with 60% of her blood volume, but 3 weeks later was back in the water and decided to train even harder to make it to the professional circuit. And she did!

Anyway. Saturday I’d literally just washed a spider out my shower and got in to wash my hair when my friends came round with Elastatoddler & Mr Teapot on their way to the beach. Soggy haired and slightly stubbly I went to the beach with them…and got a little bit burnt while paddling in the freakishly warm water! I came home, and fell asleep in the garden and burnt one side of my face to match the flip flop shaped burnt feet I’m currently fashioning! You can actually see the line across my forehead where my fringe kept part of my face from the sun in the photo above.


The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating birthdays. Out on Saturday night, then out having a barbecue (after I’d baked some more – lemon white choc chip cakes this time) on Sunday afternoon.

Now it’s back to the grind. Work (still without internet) and Guides.

The weather was hot and balmy this morning – I walked to the bus stop in a sundress and flip flops. I came out of work and the weather was still sunny but about 10 degrees colder. With a chilly breeze. Thankfully I had other shoes and a jacket in my bag otherwise I may have just cried all the way home with cold!

Thus ends the Scottish heatwave…

What did you get up to this weekend?

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One thought on “Sunshine & flip flop burns

  1. Oh my! You fell asleep in your garden? You must have been exhausted. And all of that baking sounds so delicious! I may have to go buy a cupcake now :)

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