While I’ve been offline…

…I’ve been painting.

So I leave home trying to avoid the wet paint in our house, to go to work…to paint our centre. Stage 1 complete (painting our office, hall, toilets & main counselling room).

On Thursday I painted barefoot. Today I wore socks. Apparently wearing socks makes no difference to the amount of paint that ends up on my feet. At least I can say that no paint ended up on my tattoo (or in my hair)!

Lots of carnage in our workplace now, so on Monday (our one non-religious bank holiday – sob!) we need to go in to put our office & counselling room back together and see if the new modem we’ve been sent works (our office has been without internet for almost 3 weeks now).

So while I have been online more at home, I’ve also been having to do a lot of work in evenings and weekends whenever I get the chance. Which is a shame because I’ve had lots to blog about, but no mental energy to do so!

Tomorrow, I head up to Aberdeen to do an inventory on my flat in the hope that a new tenant to replace the one that leaves today arrives soon!

In the meantime, I’m off to scrub at my hands, neck, face and feet to see if I can look less of a bohemian style clarty lassie.

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