Praying for Tricia

Many of my long-time readers are familiar with the amazing story of the Lawrensons – Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis and in 2007 found out she was pregnant the day before she was about to be put on the transplant list. She gave birth to a baby girl (Gwyneth, now 4!) in January 2008 at 24 weeks gestation, and miraculously both of them survived their ordeal. She went on to get a transplant 3 months later, and even fought a battle with PTLD (post-transplant lymphoma).

Earlier this year Tricia became ill with some infections including RSV and pneumonia, which caused some rejection. The last report I’d heard was in April that the rejection had stopped.

Yesterday Tricia was rushed back to hospital with acute rejection. It means her body is attacking at her transplanted lungs.

If you could pray for her, her family and her medical team at Duke University Medical Center that would be fabulous. I know that she and her family always value the prayers and positive thoughts of others.

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