Ode to a ‘normal’ week

I feel like I can breathe a little bit this week. The last 5 weeks have been pretty full-on and stressful both at work, and at home. I was (not so) secretly pleased when I realised that I was going to have a house to myself last week for a few days. 

On Thursday, I took a day off work to go on a spa day with one of my best friends, Carrie. I’ve always wanted to do this, so earlier this year I suggested the two of us look out for a deal on a spa day as a birthday treat. The week of my birthday one came up and we managed to get a voucher for one in central Edinburgh. This week we were finally able to get our schedules compatible to use it!

After all the crazyness of work (broken locks, no internet for 3 weeks in our office & decorating palava!) the day off to just chill out was much appreciated. I knew this weekend was going to be busy too trying to fit in Powerpoint, visiting some of our Guides at their first Guide Camp, a friend’s birthday and Miss Sweetroot’s first ever highland dancing show. The only thing I will say is that I noticed how difficult I found it to relax. My mind is struggling to take a break as even when I physically stop, my brain seems to  keep going mentally. Even when I sleep! 

Because of all the abnormal events at work, there is a lot to catch up on still (though I thankfully managed to get a good start on the days I was in last week) but I feel pretty chilled knowing I’m heading into a more ‘normal’ week. I’m also super excited for tomorrow night as our Guides get presented with their prize for their Bake A Little Love fundraising efforts. 

Over the next few weeks it’s all going to be about tying up things to a good ‘pause’ point as we reach the end of school year at the end of June, and I’ll be heading down to Bristol to meet up with my friend Ruth on 5th July…and then we’ll be heading to the North shores of Cornwall for a week’s holiday. This will be the first full week long holiday I’ve had since October 2009. I’m looking forward to beaches and reading and great conversation with fabulous people I’m sharing a holiday home with! Not to mention making lots of fun memories. 

I know that over the summer there is a lot I need to mull over and pray about. A great opportunity that I’ve been hoping for has come up, and if it all works out, then it means resigning from some other commitments and making some tough decisions. We shall see what happens over the next couple of months…

Meanwhile I’m heading off into a ‘normal’ week.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to a ‘normal’ week

  1. I got to build a fire AND see the Olympic flame – that was very exciting. Now hoping this rain goes away by Sunday/Monday (friend’s annual birthday BBQ and another Olympic sport night/campfire!)

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