A memorable summer!

I hadn’t really thought too much about 2012. But in the last month I’ve realised that this is going to be a memorable summer. Being caught up in coming home from my first year at uni, the FIFA world cup and not having a TV I missed all the Golden Jubilee stuff back in 2002. A Diamond Jubilee is pretty special since Queen Victoria was (I think) the last monarch to reach 60 years of reigning! And then there is the fact that the Olympics are being held in our country this year too. The last time that happened was in 1948.

These are ‘once in a lifetime’ events!

After hanging out with 1,299 other members of Girlguiding last week for the Diamond Jubilee beacon (we all made a promise to serve the Queen and our country after all), this week I saw the Olympic flame being carried through my home city.

Ok. Not quite, since I couldn’t make it to see it in Edinburgh since I was back at Trefoil making a campfire for a Guide Unit doing a sports night in honour of the Olympics…so I saw it in Dalkeith (small town not far from Edinburgh) instead with my friend, Elastatoddler and Mr Teapot. I don’t think they quite get yet that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For example when threatened with ‘if you don’t behave you won’t get to see the torch relay tomorrow‘, the 4 year old Elastatoddler replied with ‘yeah, but I could see it next time‘ to which his mother tried to explain that it was over 60 years ago the Olympic flame was in our country, and it would likely be another 60+ years until it ever returned again. Oh.

And we were lucky.

The sun shone brightly as at 8 a.m. we walked to down to the church where my friends have been serving for the last year and we got a lovely spot at the front of the barriers. I bought us each a Union Jack flag to wave, and Elastatoddler was ready with his blow up Olympic torch.


Mr Teapot on Carrie’s shoulders and Elastatoddler on mine, we waved and cheered the Police, the torchbearers, sponsors, street entertainers and the Olympic flame as it ran past us quicker than we expected (Carrie didn’t quite get the picture in time as someone blocked our view!)

And if you’re one of the people who is moaning and whinging about how you ‘don’t understand what the fuss is about‘ or ‘Ugh, Eastenders won’t be on during the Olympics‘…then I really wouldn’t stick around this blog over the summer.


My friends and I will be whooping and cheering on athletes (from our home country, and maybe others too!), waiting for the inspirational stories complete with bunting, flags and lots of fun.


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