One Lovely Blog Award

So catching up on some blogs this evening, I discovered that the lovely Holly gave me a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. :)

So I’ve to nominate 15 blogs I love to read for the award too. These are in the order of distance of the blog writer from where I live from furthest to closest (I hope – my geography may be in need of refreshing!!)

The Adventures of Holly

A Little Peas of Our Mind

Without Wax

Carpe Diem

Faith, Hope & Lovebugs

The Owens Family

Color Me Katie

Making Memories

Smile Through It

Nicola Writes…

Linus and co


Lessons from the Journey

Learning to Love…

Apparently I also need to share 7 things you might not already know about me. Hmm…I’ve been blogging for so long now that I’m not sure what to share that you don’t already know – ha ha! But I’ll give it go…

1. I really miss dancing and have been for a while considering going to an adult ballet class. I was ready to book last year but I sprained my ankle and it took a long time to heal, then the timings didn’t work out. I have however bought a pair of ballet shoes which are currently sitting in a cupboard waiting for the elastics to be sewn on…so maybe?

2. One of my favourite greatest sentimental value possessions is my purple fleece camp blanket. Sadly it’s currently in a box in the attic but I hope it can be retrieved soon. Especially as I got my first badge in 10 years to be added to it at the Jubilee Beacon night.

3. You might already know this from facebook or twitter, but it looks like I’m going to be starting a ‘Senior Section’ unit (this is for people coming up from Guides who either want to be young leaders or do awards like Duke of Edinburgh, Queen’s Guide and so on who are aged 14-25). I’m really excited as this is the age group I love to work with. However it’s been a looonng time since I did youth work like that so I’m a bit nervous.

4. I recently tried Pilates again with my friends from high school. OUCH. I really need to do it more often.

5. With the rubbish weather, and the fact that The Good Wife and The Mentalist have come to an end for another season, I went on search of a new American TV Drama. I found one. Revenge. Once again playing the game of ‘oh they’ve been in xxxx as a guest star!’ I even noticed that the pilot had been filmed on locations used in Wilmington for Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill. Yes. I’m a geek.

6. I’m not sure if Guiding is great for my mild predisposition for pyrotechnics. I’ve built 2 campfires in the space of a week. One in the rain no less. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on Monday for my final campfire building for this school year.

7. I love Greek food, but I’ve never eaten proper Moussaka. If one day I can ever eat lamb again (though I just feel so guilty – lambs are too cute to eat!) I would like to try it.


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