Rainclouds and Foster care

There are few things in life you can count on, but one is that the week the Royal Highland Show comes to Edinburgh it’ll be the worst rain you see all of June.


I had a frustrating drive in seering rain and Highland Show traffic to Glasgow last night, and a scary time driving back as  I can’t remember driving down a motorway with such poor visibility. It was basically driving in a raincloud (I know because at points when cloud was a wee bit higher the rain pounded on my wee corsa – and then it would be no rain but I couldn’t see anything in front of me!). However, it was worth it to go hear Krish Kandiah and others share their experiences of fostering and adoption.

Fostering is something I’ve had an interest in probably since watching Home and Away when I was a kid, then my friend being taken into care so she had to leave my high school and certainly since working in Community Education. It’s definitely something in the back of my mind for the future, but another reason for my interest is hearing about the pain from birth mothers who have relinquished their children to adoptive parents and others who have had their children taken away from them permanently and have since been adopted. I’ve been pretty shocked at the lack of support and counselling for birth mothers (particularly during their pregnancies).

Anyway, it was great to hear peoples’ experiences of going through the assessment process, challenges to being foster/adoptive carers and also really sad to hear how many children there are with no consistency or permanence in their lives.

I have no idea yet whether fostering IS something I’ll be able to do in the future, but if I’d be any good at it, I hope that I will.


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