Pray for Sheree

**update 18:00 24th June: I just found out that Sheree didn’t pull through. :( It’s a terrible loss. Please pray for Sheree’s family & friends. Thanks everyone x**

A while ago I reconnected on facebook with a friend I went to high school with. During our facebook catching up, I discovered that she too was raising awareness of the need for organ donors, largely being inspired by a friend of hers who was on the wait list for a heart transplant.

Sheree finally got her call in the early hours of Friday morning.

On Friday, while someone’s family and friends were grieving the loss of a loved one, Sheree was getting the gift of a second chance at life with a new heart because of that person’s gift in death.

At the moment, Sheree is fighting for her life. The new heart isn’t yet working in her body and they have not been able to take her off a heart bypass machine. My friend is now asking for people to pray for Sheree, and you’ll see on Twitter and Facebook that we have added ‘Pray for Sheree’ badges to our profile pictures.

Last Autumn, Sheree organised a fundraiser in Edinburgh for the British Heart Foundation and encouraged people to sign up to the organ donor register. An article about it was published in The Scotsman.

I’d love if you could pray for Sheree as well as her family, friends and medical team.

And if you haven’t already…consider signing up to the organ donor register in your country/state.

You can also add a ‘pray for sheree’ badge to your facebook and twitter profile pic by clicking here.

Thanks everyone x

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