Why I suck at going on holiday


I really do suck at it.

I’ve gotten better with my sabbath rests. My one or two days a week of nothingness. But I really do suck at prolonged rest. Next week I go away from Scotland for 9 days. It’s been a long while since I’ve been away from home for that many days at once, and I’ll be honest it stresses me out way more than it should.

I worry about what I’ll come back to when I return to work (I call this the ever-growing-in-tray syndrome). What might go wrong while I’m away and I can’t run in to save the day. As Queen of Procrastination, I can’t leave things until tomorrow when tomorrow isn’t going to be there because I’m not going to be there.

And so there’s opticians appointments, mail to sort, bills to pay, a nurse appointment and a migraine to get rid of.

Because I know that I need this time off. I’m so excited to see my friends and hang out with them for a week (or 9 days for Ruth!). For sure, I’m very nervous about getting on a plane (especially as the weather has been almost apocalyptic here over the last week). And with it being the summer holidays, I hope the centre will be quiet (a lull before the storm that usually hits in September) and very easy to manage without me. If I’m not replacable, I’m not doing my job well enough.

So I shall go to bed, buy some paracetamol and aspirin tomorrow, drink plenty of water, pray my contact lenses trial goes well (and that they aren’t crazily priced), and obediently go to get my injection of hormones tomorrow. And perhaps see if I can put some birthday gift cards I held onto to good use. :) Or else I’m just going to have to hope there’s a washing machine in the house we’re renting in Cornwall! Tee hee.

Holidays are a good thing – not a right, but a gift – and I want to enjoy it!

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