July is here


Over the weekend, there have been Olympic trials all over the world, and I’ve been trying to keep up to date as I get some tasks done.

I have a tenants for my flat in Aberdeen, so I’ve been trying to get the paperwork sorted for that as well as getting the repairs needed in the bathroom there. Thankfully a guy I grew up with is a decorator so he’s going to do what is needed which is fabulous (and means I get to help him by giving him some work – a win-win situation). However, I had no idea the amount of legislation that has come in recent years in Scotland re: to housing and renting. It’s actually quite terrifying and makes me very worried about how vulnerable it makes me as a Landlord. All the legislation is in favour of tenants, and I get that they need protection for crappy landlords, but Landlords also need protection from crappy tenants. A few years ago, my Mum rented out a flat and the tenants disappeared without paying bills and even changed the locks on her. Yet, tenants can now refuse to let Landlords keep a set of keys to the flat?!! I have never set out to make money from renting – I only ever charge what is absolutely necessary to cover costs of interest on mortgage, factoring and insurance. It came to my attention a few weeks ago that previous tenants seem to have wrecked an expensive office desk and either stolen or and chucked out 2 chest of drawers and a handheld vacuum ‘dustbuster’ in my own flat. I cannot afford to replace them right now, and I remember how hard I saved to get them in the first place. So frustrating.

Sorry, I didn’t really mean to have such a rant…

The financial strain of having to live with my mother, be worried about Landlord responsibilities and knowing that my beloved Cassie the Corsa is disintegrating at an alarming rate is hard to take at times. For sure, I’m in a better place at the moment than I’ve been for a long time – the fact that I’m managing to get to Cornwall for a holiday next week is testament to that – but I’m not in a good place overall. 5 years is a long time to live hand-to-mouth knowing you have a mortgage and student loan waiting to be paid off, and your car repairs are draining your funds. I’m extremely reluctant to so much as take out a loan to pay for a new car because I just do not want to be in debt again. I will have to take a payment plan out for my new lenses but there’s a big difference between £183 and £5000.


Always at this time of year, I think about whether to ditch the jobs I love to get a full-time ‘properly paid’ job. One where I got paid by BACS at the same time every month, would automatically start paying back my student loan, could get a decent credit rating to be able to sell my flat and maybe buy one I could actually live in! Maybe if I’m lucky I’d even be able to save up money to travel out the country once a year. Or start going to dance classes again.


And then the other part of me wants to slap me across the back of the head for thinking so ‘worldly’ and being so materialistic. And remind myself that I still have to take afternoon naps on the days I have to get up before 9 a.m. and that my health has never been so good since I decided not to try and continue being a full-time Community Education worker.

On that note, me and my thoughts should start tapering off so I can get some sleep for the next 3 days of work and ‘tasks to complete before I go on holiday’.

And pray to God that both parts of my swimsuit arrive by Wednesday. (yes, can you believe I had to get the top half on one online store, and the bottom half in another because no store could give me both halves?! Crazy.)

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