Cornish Cartwheeling

So, you know that I have a thing about cartwheeling on beaches. Shockingly, last time I was in Cornwall I didn’t do it on our first time at Polzeath beach, and because I got sick with swine flu, I missed chances to have a cartwheel in Cornwall at Watergate Bay and St Ives.

Well, on Monday we went to St Ives. It was raining most of the way there, but unbelievably after we parked and walked down into the town the sun began to shine. And so after the best fish and chips ever, we headed to the beach and I got to have my first Cornish cartwheel.

Perhaps we should remember now that I can’t cartwheel, and my friend who took these photos was kinda shocked because she thought that with my gymnastics knowledge and dance background I’d be much better at such things.

Alas, this is not the case. I still cannot cartwheel. And as Vicky says ‘Wow Laurie, how is it you’re not on Team GB in the Olympics?!’ (while laughing with me … I hope!)

But it is still great fun, and I still maintain there is nothing more liberating or joy filled than attempting to cartwheel on a beach. Even when you land very ungracefully on your bum in the slightly wet sand.


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One thought on “Cornish Cartwheeling

  1. That’s exactly what I did in 1974 on the same beach (and I have an old cine film to prove it)! Must be something about Polzeath . . . Glad you had a great hol xx

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