I went to Cornwall, and I came back with…

i’m back. our cornish holiday was lovely. the weather was pretty good to us compared to what it was in the rest of the uk and we loved our house, time with the A and B families…

last time on ‘our’ beach

However it seems like i can never go away and come back withut some kind of event. On wednesday I went bodyboarding and tried a bit of surfing (I didn’t managed to stand up…boo). I was sore on Thursday, better on Friday, woke up yesterday with my right arm hurting so bad I couldn’t even brush my teeth using my right hand. I had to go into work to do more painting, and by the time I got home I was hurting, feeling dizzy and running a bit of fever. No major deal.

At moment, I thankfully still have movement in my right wrist, though to stretch or flex any of the muscles in my arm sends a lot of pain all the way down/up it. Like, cry out loud kind of pain. This is how the pain started when I injured my left arm doing care work 8 years ago. The pain, the stiffness, the gradually having less and less movement. So I’m a little concerned that the pain in my right arm isn’t easing off. In fact, all the joints in my body hurt really bad, my muscles ache and I should be FINE by now. It’s weird and not normal to be stiff and sore for this long.

I thankfully still have today and tomorrow off before I go back to work. I hope I’m feeling all back to normal by then. I need to unpack. I need to bake my Mum a birthday cake (it’s her birthday tomorrow). I need to wash my hair and wash the paint off my left arm. I want to finish my ‘gymnasts to watch at the olympics’ posts for my blog!

My body is saying a big fat NO to all of that just now. This post has taken much longer to type than it would for me normally so hope you’ll all excuse any typos and grammar errors! hopefully ‘normal’ will resume shortly…


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