While I was sleeping…

For those who were ordering me to rest while on holiday I now have picture proof I did. These pictures were captured by the Cornish holiday papparazzi known as Ruth. One is the picture above – when the girls collared Ruth and I because ‘they needed to speak to us‘. They took us up to their room and basically interrogated us about everything from our favourite book to our second least favourite colour to what our favourite dress to wear was. I was feeling sleepy, and so during a game of dragons, I was permitted to be the Princess in the tower (H-bean tried to get me to be a dragon, but Miss S said ‘No!! She’s a Princess’), which basically meant I got to lie in the bed and do not very much while Miss S and the H-bean made Princess Ruth and Princess Laura Anne imaginary cakes for us to eat.  When I got really sleepy we had to all ‘go to bed’ and H-Bean tucked a dolly in which apparently was a prerequisite for royal sleeping.

I’d just like to say a ‘royal’ thank you to the people who left the fleecey blanket in a drawer in our room. I totally adopted it for the week, having left my own fleecey blanket at home in Edinburgh.

The other was during our picnic in Polzeath (relocated from beach to Tubestation because we are wusses who don’t like shivering while eating our lunch). They have these amazing comfy bean bags and I ended up snoozing on one in the midst of halfpipe skating/sliding chaos. I missed my opportunity to surf that day as a result too.

Is it sad that I kinda like that the bean bag coordinates with my maxi dress?! It’s a pretty terrible photo, but I do like that the beanbag is so huge it makes me look kinda smaller than I actually am.

Anyway, the rest ends now as I go back to work tomorrow (well today, since it’s now after Midnight). I’m still with the weird muscle pain (which turned into pins and needles when I tried to walk downstairs earlier) and the sore throat. Accompanied by mild fever or stomach upsets and no appetite.  It is weirding me out a little. I’m used to always having minor ailments, but this is not normal stuff for me (at least not altogether at once). I really don’t want to be off sick from work right after being on holiday.

If only I had one of those bean bag chairs… sigh.

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