The BK guide to Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympics…!

…is on its way!

With only 8 sleeps to go (EIGHT SLEEPS PEOPLE….EIGHT SLEEPS!!!!) I am now well enough to write again (phew).

I’m now in the process of writing a series of posts that will give you the lowdown on who to look out for in the Olympics Artistic Gymnastics competitions. I’m going to split them by the Subdivision they’ll be competing in during the Qualifying rounds on 28th & 29th July so it’ll *hopefully* make it easier for you guys to look out for them and cheer them on. Even if they aren’t competing for your country. Though I’d hope you’d cheer for your country’s athletes even louder no matter how they do in comparison to everyone else.

The first post is done, and should follow soon…


NB to my online friends who’ve tweeted/facebooked me personally: Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my mystery bug/surf recovery. Stomach upsets and sore throat still with me, but been fever free for a couple of days and I can finally walk up and down the stairs, type, text and lift glasses and plates without being in loads of pain. Though I do probably need to go visit my GP to get blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis (again) and push for allergy testing (something I keep avoiding), I am sooo much better, and as long as I stay well over the weekend I’ll be back to work on Monday.

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