Food hates me

I’ve been rubbish to be around since I left Cornwall. Shortly after arriving back at Ruth’s house in Bristol, my stomach started playing up (making me VERY nervous about going on plane home – because I wasn’t nervous enough already). I figured it would calm down after a few days like it usually does.

Not so much.

Eating is now painful. All. the. time. I can manage a digestive biscuit or a handful of raspberries every few hours. Anything more than that and the results are kind of unpleasant!

People joked I’d chosen the wrong outfit to wear to work today (that Jet Stream hasn’t gone North enough – London are getting glorious sunshine, we’re getting pouring rain!) which was this minus the wellies (I wore my purple shoes – comfy for the walk from bus to centre, but sadly the rain made the dye run and I ended up with very purple feet):

They didn’t think it was the best day to be wearing a sundress. The fact is it was a choice between this or the maxi dress. My stomach is so swollen I can’t wear jeans (which is basically what I wear about 99% of the time).

I now have credit on my phone so I can make an appointment with my GP – something I do extremely reluctantly. My hope is that I make the appointment and then I’ll be symptom free by time I get to see my doctor. ;)

I DID finally manage to get into work today (I starved myself all day so I’d be ok) so hoping I’ll be able to work tomorrow as well. The good thing is I’m on holiday again from Saturday so I can watch all the artistic gymnastics. Yay!

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2 thoughts on “Food hates me

  1. Yep. Got doctor appointment next Tuesday. I think it’s the doctor I almost made a complaint about 5 years ago, so hoping that he’s actually helpful this time. I really can’t stand arrogant doctors!

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