Who to watch: Women’s Subdivision 3

2.45 p.m. is when Canada, USA, France and Great Britain will want to be cheering on their respective teams as they compete for places in the final. Coincidentally, the USA and Great Britain were also in the same subdivision together in Beijing too! This will be an exciting subdivision to watch, as there will be no mixed groups – only full teams.

Beth Tweddle (GBR) – The best British gymnast that has ever been, she just finished outside of the medals in what was a controversial Uneven Bars final in Beijing. She’s won multiple Commonwealth, European and World medals on Uneven Bars and Floor, but the dream is…an Olympic medal. At 27, she’s competing at an age where gymnasts have long since retired and her 3rd Olympics will likely be her last. Her new floor routine is looking fantastic – to the background music of Live And Let Die (a shout out to her gymnastics home of Liverpool?) and hopefully she’ll have no falls & have a great execution score to match her difficulty level on the Uneven Bars.

Watch out for her in: Women’s Uneven Bars, Women’s Floor and (hopefully) Women’s Team Final

Rebecca Tunney (GBR) – A relative unknown in gymnastics she’ll be Team GB’s youngest Olympian. Her performances at the American Cup and Euros were really trumped at the recent British Championships where she showed more difficult routines and beat her teammate Hannah Whelan for the All-Around title. Not likely to be in contention for medals, if she keeps her cool she could surprise a lot of people in London. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her in Rio in 2016 either!

Watch out for her in: Women’s Team Finals, Women’s All-Around

The American Women’s Team – The current world champions, these girls won the title in Tokyo by quite a margin. However, where their difficulty levels won’t have changed too much between then and now, China & Russia have been upping theirs – because these are the girls to beat in London. Because of the two per country rule, they’ll also be competing against each other in the qualifiers for spots in the individual finals. And they have 4 girls who are medal contenders.

Jordyn Wieber – The current All-Around World Champion, she wasn’t really beaten in a competition she entered until the US Olympic Trials. Great on all the events, she knows that people want to beat her. Most especially – Viktoria Komova who only narrowly lost to her at Worlds last year. The pressure has been on Jordyn to follow in the footsteps of Carly and Nastia since 2009, and we just hope that the wise coaching from John Geddert will help her to the finish line. She’s a dynamic gymnast and consistently great on Floor and Beam especially.

watch out for her in: Women’s Team Finals, Women’s All-Around Finals, Women’s Beam, Women’s Floor

Aly Raisman – Eternally 4th, this girl finally got a Bronze medal on Floor at Worlds last year that has been long overdue. Calmness and consistency should be her middle names! Both she and her training partner, Alicia Sacramone got injured right before the competition began in Tokyo – Alicia’s needing immediate surgery. In Alicia’s absence, this girl became the leader of Team USA. The only thing that’ll keep this girl away from an All-Around medal is her weakness on Uneven Bars. However her powerful tumbling makes her one to watch in London.

watch out for her in: Women’s Team Finals, Women’s Floor and (possibly) Women’s Beam.

McKayla Maroney – One word: Amanar. This girl is like a cat. Like the gymnasts that came before her, she shows the ballotic lines and great execution that we’ve come to expect from AOGC training. Now performing a Mustafina as her second vault, it seems practically impossible for her not to win Olympic Gold.

watch out for her in: Women’s Team Finals, Women’s Vault

Gabby Douglas – This girl’s family has worked hard to help her achieve her Olympic dreams. Really this girl has the potential to win as long as she keeps calm and confident. Her inconsistent performances caused a lot of doubts but she proved her nay-sayers wrong by hitting 4-for-4 at Worlds qualifiers. She actually beat Jordyn’s score at American Cup and then beat her at Olympic Trials this year too. Nicknamed the flying squirrel, this girl is stunning to watch on Bars.

watch out for her in: Women’s Team Finals, Women’s All-Around, Women’s Uneven Bars

Youna Dufournet (FRA) – Dufournet was only the 5th French gymnast to win a world medal when she earned a Bronze on Vault in 2009. Last year in Tokyo she ranked 2nd on Uneven Bars, but fell in the final and was, understandably, upset. It’ll be interesting to see how she swings in London.

watch out for her in: Women’s Uneven Bars

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