I’m feeling very Olympic today

Well, I stayed up late to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and it surpassed my expectations. It was fun to watch people’s reactions on twitter – only 2 negative people on my feed. I thought it was excellent, and it made me proud to be British. Perhaps the only down side was they ended an AMAZING show with Paul McCartney. I know he was a Beatle, yes he’s a great songwriter. But he can’t really sing particularly well. I was just thankful the crowd almost drowned him out by the end. :)

And I totally want a bike with dove wings that light up.

So if it’s a bit quiet around here, you’ll find me on twitter where I’ll be tweeting about Olympics. Most likely Gymnastics (obviously), Cycling and Swimming. My 3 favourite sports. Maybe a bit of diving (Come on Pete Waterfield & Tom Daley!).

On the body fail front – I’m gradually beginning to eat more. I’m like a colicky baby! With the big round tummy to go with it. Amazingly I haven’t lost any weight (thanks Depo Provera). If this had happened even 5 years ago, I’d likely have lost almost half a stone by now. :) Anyway – seeing a doctor on Tuesday. I don’t know any of my doctors well (I had a great doctor when I lived in Aberdeen). My experience of 2 of them when I first came down in 2007 wasn’t the best so that makes me nervous. Hopefully I’ll get one without a God complex who realises I know my body better than he does!

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