It’s been 3 years since I did a materialistic shoe post

Once upon a time I used to write about shoes quite a lot.

Shoe shopping used to be one of my favourite hobbies, but after contact lenses, buying shoes was the next thing that got struck off the list in order to save money  when I was working on paying bills and getting to South Africa. After I came back, I did have to buy a new pair of trainers since the previous pair got wrecked by mud, cement and dust while I was there. But since then I haven’t really bought any shoes at all. In fact, I think I’ve bought 2 pairs of shoes (both this year) of cheap black flats. One pair have been rained and sanded too many times (they are no longer black and they smell really bad!) and the second pair got a hole in them the first day I wore them in Cornwall which was very upsetting.

There were my silver sparkly happy shoes that I always wore when singing at church. I bought them just after I moved to Edinburgh. They got rained on. They are now grey and the soles have worn away.

My trainers I can’t wear in the rain or if it’s been raining. The sole is coming apart and the shoes are like sponges to soggy ground. Not great when you live in Scotland.

My purple shoes – the ones which blog readers helped me pick – have been worn a lot these last 3 years and are now well scuffed and beginning to show signs of coming apart too.

My beloved DM boots are still with me. Over 6 years old.

All my heeled shoes (with the exception of my blue shoes of happiness and their white cousins) are all too small for me now or give me blisters within 10m of walking!

And so, I realised after a couple of weeks of being only able to choose between flip flops and wellies for going about regular life in Edinburgh is not very practical. The time had come to suck it up, and spend money on a couple of decent pairs of shoes.

 My aim was to find a pair of casual shoes to replace my leaky trainers, a pair for wearing with my dress suit (for times at work when I need to look more professional than I usually do) and a possibly a pair that would go with a dress for my friend’s wedding. And a pair of comfortable flats. And amazingly, my Mum came shopping with me and we got on very well during the trip (a miracle something akin to the raising of Lazarus).

Purchase 1: Ended up being an unexpected gift. I saw these in the Jenners sale and because my Mum has credit on her card that can be used in store, she gave me these. I think mostly because she likes them too and hopes to steal  borrow them.

And yes, I have awful, awful toes. I’ve told you this before. I inherited the crazy big toes from my maternal genetics, and my feet have been mangled from tap shoes, ballet shoes and the fact that kids shoe shops only catered for wide feet not narrow feet. That’s a good 2 decades worth of scrunching to try and keep your shoes on right there. :) I embrace my ugly toes and I like being barefoot and flip flopped too much to keep them hidden. So :P judgmental feet police!

Purchase 2: the Professional shoes.

My dress suit is dull, dull, dull. It’s grey and BORING. So while my mother was all ‘the bows aren’t very practical’, I was like, well, it’s kinda going to be like accessorising. And the heels aren’t too high that I can’t walk in them, nor too narrow so they get stuck in pavement cracks.

Purchase 3: Casual shoes

I’m not sure if I’m keeping these yet, because I need to see if my wonderous shoe gadgets will make them fit. I liked them because they have blue and purple on them (my two favourite colours). These are the shoes for wearing while going to guides, the supermarket, wandering around doing life in my jeans. They aren’t canvas so they *should* keep my feet dry on the rainy days.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with what I managed to find, and hope that means I’ll have happier feet and am also a bit more ready for Autumn approaching!

And thus ends the materialistic shoe talk for at least another year… ;)

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