I used to have a blog…

…and then September started early.

This is what is known in the gynaecological world as ‘Benidorm Bump’ season. But it’s also a time where there are lots of babies (because 9 months ago it was Christmas parties and ‘I think this year we should try for a baby’). The new school year is getting in swing. There are freshers fairs to prepare for. Training courses to apply for. Funding applications to get sorted. Accounts to be audited. Conferences and events you have to be at.

It’s insane.

And I’m not going to lie.

The Paralympics are AWESOME and a huge distraction for me. I’ll freely admit that I was an hour behind most of the day in what I had planned because I got caught up in cheering Nyree, Jonathan, Hannah and other paralympic swimmers this morning. So I was still in pyjamas when I should have been out the door!

See you in 10 days I guess…! And then I’ll have to wait another couple of years for the Commonwealths and Winter Olympics… :)

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2 thoughts on “I used to have a blog…

  1. I have watched a bit of the Paralympics, since there’s one NZ swimmer who is ridiculously amazing, as in, 4 seconds faster than everyone else, but it hasn’t had a lot of coverage over here. :(

    As for September babies, I know, EVERYONE is born then, including me! :P

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