Manic start Monday

Today, I woke up to the sound of our neighbours burglar alarm going beserk for the second time in 48 hours.

I could hear my Mum’s hairdresser had arrived already, so I grabbed a hoodie from the floor next to my bed and pulled it on over my pyjamas, went downstairs to get juice and cereal for after my shower. (I usually eat while trying to dry & straighten my hair). I was just about to get in shower when I caught an eye of myself in the mirror…to see a rather large spider crawling up my hair and over my head.

I was totally shocked I hadn’t felt it and the legs of spiders really creep me out. So I did what most girls would do in this situation.

I dove out my bathroom (thankfully still dressed) and screamed. A curse word may have been shrieked. My Mum called up the stairs to ask why I was screaming thinking I’d found a rat (?)

My reply? THERE”S A SPIDER IN MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I threw off my hoodie and started shaking my head about like a crazy person (heck, i wasn’t going to feel if it was still there), and then finally I saw it on the floor. At this point, my Mum’s husband came up the stair on the command of my mother and once I’d been able to inform him of where the devious creepy crawlie was, I ran downstairs shaking. My Mum and the hairdresser were laughing at me. My Mum did admit she’d have reacted similarly (“Just not as loudly as you did”) and we heard the thumps of my stepfather trying to capture my eight legged enemy. A big wad of toilet paper and one mushed spider and a very paranoid me returned upstairs to shower.

Seriously though, I was checking my shower scrunchie (a moth was on it one day during the summer), my towels, every single iterm of clothing for spiders.

And yes. I was late for work after all that.

All in all, not the best start to the week.

2 sleeps until sabbath wednesday! :)

PS A cassie the corsa update: She is definitely broken, and I’m taking her off the road  until I can save money to get repairs done and/or buy a new car. Not the best timing, as winter approaches. :(

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