Life unexpected…

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I wasn’t a part of Girlguiding in Scotland. I wasn’t sure what to expect going back into it after almost 10 years. What if the girls didn’t like me? What if the leaders couldn’t stand me? I was nervous.

In the space of a year the leaders of the Guide unit I help out have become my friends with banter on facebook and I don’t think we ever manage just to leave after we’ve cleared up without a natter each Monday night. We’ve seen our Guide unit grow and this summer when we came back we came back with fresh ideas that seem to have made a real difference in the girls working in their patrols. I’ve also seen individuals in our unit really flourishing in leadership and teamwork skills, not to mention grow in confidence as they decide to go for it and try new badges.

We’re off next week, but when we come back on the 24th we’ll be doing our last bit of Amelia’s Challenge - watching a ‘romantic’ movie – so the girls who were here last term can finish their badges.

But what is unexpected is what is happening tonight. Tonight begins another guiding journey as I and a another new leader to Girlguiding start a Senior Section unit for our Division (Divisions small areas, the City of Edinburgh Guides is split into about 10-12 ‘divisions’). Until this week I hadn’t really had lots of interest and then all of a sudden e-mails starting appearing in my inbox over the last 48 hours. Then I got sent an ‘accounts’ spreadsheet template by our Division Commissioner. I am not a numbers girl so that actually freaked me out more than the sudden realisation that I had no idea what we were going to do with these 14-18 year olds once we met!

Having said all of that, I’m so excited for what this year is going to bring. Guides has been much more fun than I could have hoped for, though I sense the impending doom of having to do my Camp Permit qualification once I get my leadership qualification done! I have no idea what to expect with the Senior Section and what we’ll get up to.

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