I need your help… What do you call this?

Do you remember the dialect/accent meme? Well, lads and lassies from across Scotland and all around the world, I need your help. All is explained in the video below…(excuse the lack of make up!)

…so what do YOU call it? Leave your answers in a comment below. And then I’ll tell you what I call it! :) Thanks LFS readers…

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8 thoughts on “I need your help… What do you call this?

  1. The first word that comes to mind is scooshy cream…..but I would also call it squirty cream. I reckon I’ve picked up more Scottish-ness than I realised…
    I keep telling people not to leave the door on the snib. They have no idea what I mean.

  2. That is skooshy cream. Some people call it squirty but that is wrong. The aerosol cream does skoosh but does not exactly squirt.

    It is also, most certainly, not whipped cream despite what many a large coffee chain would have us believe.

  3. My husband, who’s from Ayrshire, calls it “skooshy cream.” I’m from Chicago and call it “whipped cream in a can” (creative, eh?).

  4. This Kiwi doesn’t call it anything exciting. Just, er, cream? Spray cream? Aerosol cream? I don’t know, lol!

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