Fittie in the Foam

So. Apparently we’re getting another stormy winter. You might remember the drama from ‘Hurricane Bawbag‘ last year. Well on Monday night the storms were raging across the UK once again. On Tuesday morning I had to drive my Mum to work at 7.30 a.m. and the streets were littered with branches and leaves that had blown down in the winds.

However, it wasn’t until later that morning I saw the effects in Aberdeen.

I’ve only been to one foam party in my life, and it was in Aberdeen, but it wasn’t quite like this one. Footdee (or Fittie as it’s known to us Doric speaking folk!) is a small fishing village near Aberdeen Harbour. In fact I know several people who used to live there and I visited Fittie fairly regularly for a while, as it was a 15-20 min walk from where I lived for 2 of my 6 years in Aberdeen. 70-101 mph winds caused some serious sea foam and a mixture of foam & sand ended up blowing over cars, windows, car parks, the beach, pathways in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

And on another note – that is the cutest wee dog bouncing around in the foam…


Have storms affected the area where you live?

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