The beauty of letter writing

It’s been a strange week. Out of my routine, and I am most definitely a routine girl!

Today, I came home early after a client didn’t show up for their appointment. I have lots of time off to take before the end of year and I’m trying to make sure I take as much as I can before Sarah goes on holiday for 4 weeks later this month.

It gave me time to do something that has been on my to-do list for the last 2 weeks…write letters to my sponsored children in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Henok, is no longer a child. He is now 17 and a letter arrived this week telling me he had now finished school. In May he will be the same age I was when I started sponsoring him, and my prayer is that he’ll be able to bless someone the way I hope I’ve managed (along with people where he lives working with Compassion) to bless him and his family. Kinen I started sponsoring in April. I could not resist his mischievous grin, and I hate to think what trouble he’d get up to with my godson (who has an equally mischievous grin!). I got my first letter from him as well. He is just beginning school really, and apparently loves to sing. His dream is to work hard and become a pop star so he can be famous, earn money, help his parents and come visit me! :) He asked me a lot of questions about whether I liked singing, and did I sing? I’m grateful now for the pictures Claire Fleck has managed to snap of me at Powerpoint (I do my best to hide from her camera). I hate pictures of me singing, but at least I was able to e-mail him a picture to prove that yes – I like singing too!

I’ve finally worked out how to log into my account with compassion (going into I now realise they had copied my e-mail address incorrectly – explains why I’ve had some issues!!) so my plan is to be a lot better at writing more regularly to both of the boys.

Do you sponsor children through Compassion or World Vision? How often to you write to them? And what do you write about?

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