This week…

…I travelled through floods to go to York…

…visited 3 different York tea rooms…

…discovered what Hogwarts university would look like if there ever was to be such a place…

…bought a new organiser so I can have an address book and diary and a place to keep all my receipts I need refunded all in one place…

…finished watching Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother (my favourite episode is still ‘Okay Awesome‘ when they are yelling to each other in the Night Club and are deaf by the end of the night…)

…was impressed by our Guides who got really into an ‘International Night’ very ably organised and led by one of the Guides working towards her Baden-Powell Award.

…taught my Mum how to use an iPod

…got soaked in a torrential downpour on my way home from work. And I really do mean SOAKED.

…had a major clear out of all the clothes I’d kept that no longer fit me. I confess I kept a few favourite items that ‘almost’ fit me. Just in case I suddenly lose weight and my waist gets about 1-2 inches smaller.

…found out I didn’t get a job I applied for. They said I’d made a ‘strong’ application and been seriously considered though, so that’s nice. :)

…finished building the 3 sets of drawers at work.

…worked some more on my Adult Leadership Qualification for Girlguiding (I have to do one of the modules twice because I work with 2 different sections of guiding).

What did YOU do this week?

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One thought on “This week…

  1. This week I worked, also tried to show mum how to use an iPod, interestingly (!), went to RMH twice and drank a lot of tea. :)

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