Prayer for Tricia


Tricia Lawrenson’s story is one of a miracle. It was Tricia & Nathan that ‘introduced’ me to Eva when she was working on her documentary about waiting for transplant and online friendships, 65_RedRoses. I remember how Eva stayed up praying the night Tricia got her call for transplant, 6 months after Eva had received a double lung transplant.

Like Eva did, Tricia now needs a second lung transplant. She has been ‘healthy’ for a few years now after a battle with post-transplant lymphoma. But recently her condition has deteriorated rapidly and now she is back at Duke Medical Center and needs our prayers again. Her husband, Nathan just tweeted to say that she is starting Physical Therapy so they can get her listed sooner than later.

Please pray for the treatments she is getting to work. Pray for the medical team looking after her. For her family which includes their miracle daughter, Gwyneth (almost 5) and a foster son.

Thanks everyone.

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