When York needed an ark…


It does seem to be raining an awful lot this year. A couple of weeks ago, I headed down to York. The days leading up to my departure I thought I might not get down there due to seeing news articles like this one. But East Coast trains said all services running as normal…so I went to Durham and then my friend came with me to York.

The train journey down was crazy. The train basically went through lakes that were once fields – you could only see the tops of trees. And knowing that this was after the river had gone down…these are a couple of pictures of the River Ouse heading from the train station into York city centre:

In the morning (these were taken at about 4 p.m.) that bike’s wheels were mostly submerged by water.

We saw houses abandoned that had sandbagging on the inside – you could see the river had come up and in through their windows. Riverside cafes completely cut off. Farmland totally wrecked.

Seriously uncool.

I just hope that insurance companies don’t muck about and help the families and businesses affected and that PEOPLE STOP BUILDING ON FLOOD PLAINS! (A geographer’s pet peeve). I love York, it’s such a beautiful city and it was sad to see it underwater.


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