A day I never thought would happen…

…today I realised something. That I actually agreed with David Cameron on something. Never, ever, ever can I remember a time when a Conservative’s opinion was also mine!


I remember the last referendum we had relating to indepedence. As a teenager, I got sucked into the Braveheart bullcrap that the Scottish National Party permeated. The ‘FREEDOM’. Those pesky English folks ruining our lives apparently.

I was too young to vote in that referendum, and we got devolution. I remember at the time thinking if I had the right to vote, I’d vote yes. What happened after devolution made me thankful that I didn’t have that chance. Funding for the arts, sports…all went with devolution really. My dance school shut down. My friend who was offered a place at one of the UK’s most prestigious ballet schools couldn’t get aid. A year before she would have done. We got a horrific, embarrassing, ridiculously priced parliament building. Oh, and half of our maternity units have been shut down only for an influx of Polish immigrant to help our birth rate go on a sudden increase.

And we had a big party in Edinburgh which a bunch of us teens got really drunk at.

Over the last few years, the SNPs have played a smart game to people. They’ve kept council tax the same rate when the councils have no money and schools have been forced to shut down or merge not because there were no pupils – but because they hadn’t the money to run them. After spending a lot of money making machine tolls on Forth Road Bridge – they then stripped it all away to make a ‘Toll Free Scotland’ (it cost £1 – basically 50p each way – to cross the Forth Road Bridge – a bridge that needs constant maintenance and replacing). And then they made prescriptions free (they were already free to those with chronic conditions that need lots of medication). Cue lots of wasted NHS money on prescriptions that people don’t bother picking up or using – because it’s no loss of money to them.

I predicted (quite rightly) that if Conservatives came into power at the last election, the SNP would get voted in because the Scottish would want to ‘rebel’ against having to be under Tory power that they didn’t vote for in the following year. Cue the SNP having vans playing music from Braveheart and yelling about freedom from the ‘oppression’ around council estates. Oh, and then planning a referendum the year of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn (yes, that one depicted massively incorrectly by Hollywood) and the year Scotland are hosting the Commonwealth Games. The only time really that Team GB is divided in sports that don’t get watched all year round by the general public. Coincidence? Not at all.

Some of the girls in my Senior section unit realised they’ll be allowed to vote which they are a mixture of excited and freaked out about. Pretty much all of them want to vote ‘No’ but think that in the next 2 years their friends may be encouraged to think otherwise by the type of campaigning that will go on.

I think we need to have some of the following questions answered?

1. How will Scotland cope economically away from England?

2. How will things like passports and driving licenses work?

3. What about currency?

4. Will we be part of the EU? Will be allowed to have a say on that?

5. Why aren’t the Scottish people living ‘abroad’ not being allowed to vote? If we become independent this will affect them!

6. What are you going to do about having armed forces to defend our borders and our country? Not to mention the equivalent of organisations like MI5…?

7. What about our sports teams and athletes? Our artists? We don’t have the facilities here to develop them.

8. Will I now need a visa to visit countries?

9. Will our Queen still remain our Queen – since her mother pretty much grew up in Scotland and she has a few residences here?

10. What happens to all our national charities and companies? How are you going to help them?

…you know…and plenty other questions the ‘Yes Scotland’ campaigners don’t seem to be bothering to tackle properly!

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